Slovak language for doctors on-line for free!

A great opportunity for foreign doctors who want to work in Slovakia!

International Association of Doctors in Slovakia (MALnS) together with a language school iCanSchool is organising a unique Slovak language course for doctors, which can be attended for free *!

What awaits you?

  • 68 academic hours of intensive studies of the Slovak language with an emphasis on medical topics;
  • Teachers with many years of experience in teaching Slovak for doctors for a well-known international company;
  • The opportunity to study at home anywhere in the world – classes will be held on-line;
  • Classes will be held at a convenient afternoon time.

What it will give you:

  • Assistance in preparing for the qualification exam for foreign doctors (doplňujúca skúška);
  • The preparation for further work as a doctor in Slovakia (employers are ready to employ foreign doctors, but knowledge of medical terminology in the Slovak language is necessary);

What is required to be enrolled to the course:

  • Knowledge of the Slovak language at the level of B1-B2. For the initial determination of the language level, you need to pass testing on the site of the iCan School language school (link below),
  • Give your consent for recording online lessons – all classes will be recorded as video lessons, we will provide a special consent document for signing.


  • * for all foreign doctors who responded to our initiative “Unite to help Slovakia” the course will be completely free! You can still join the initiative! The recruitment of volunteer doctors continues; just write us to the email address your brief contact details: surname, name (names), mobile phone number, residence country (region), profession, status while recognizing education, work experience and as a letter topic: «COVID-19 volunteer»;
  • for everyone else, the course price is only 100 € for 68 academic hours of intensive studies (the standard market price for this course is 499 €).

If you want to be enrolled to the course:

Step 1: take the Slovak language test and save the result.

Step 2: if you are not yet a volunteer doctor of our initiative, but want to become one, then sign up for the list of volunteers (how to do this is described above).

Step 3: send us to the result of your Slovak language test and the confirmation that you are in the list of volunteers or note that you want to pay for the course and send us your contact details: surname, name (names), mobile phone number and your email address.

Step 4: the teacher will contact you in order to determine exactly the level of knowledge of the Slovak language and specify the time convenient for classes.

Step 5:  for those who are not the volunteers of the initiative, it will be necessary to pay for the course.

Classes will begin soon, but you should hurry up, as the number of places in the group is limited. We hope that you will be interested in our offer!

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