Postponement of the date of the qualification exam to the autumn of 2020

We have already written that the date of the qualification exam for foreign doctors on March 19-20, 2020 was canceled and to this day, no additional information has been received from the Jessenius Medical Faculty of Comenius University in Martin.

Today, April 17, 2020, all foreign doctors who were registered for the qualification exam in spring this year received a newsletter about the postponement of the exam date. Representatives of the faculty inform that the exam is postponed to the autumn semester, provisionally to October. By decree of the Ministry of Education, the medical faculty in Martin will remain responsible for the examination this autumn; all applications submitted will remain valid.

The letter also says that an official response will be requested from the Ministry of Education, will there be conditions that everyone who successfully passed the written part of the exam in the autumn of 2019 will be able to skip this step and take only the oral part in the autumn of 2020. Confirmation of this information will be announced later.

We want to mention, that this week the Minister of Health Marek Krajčí in an interview with the Slovak Republic News Agency (TASR) has said that the Ministry would do its best to accelerate the processes that will allow doctors from other countries to enter the Slovak health care system. Such contradictory announcements show, unfortunately, the inconsistency of the actions of different ministries.

We, in turn, on behalf of the International Association of doctors in Slovakia will request an official response from the Ministry of Education of Slovakia about how many foreign doctors are registered for the exam and whether additional applications will be accepted and if so, by what date.

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