Let’s all come together and help Slovakia

Dear foreign doctors, nurses, pharmacists and the whole foreign society, which has chosen Slovakia as their home.

Despite the fact that we, as an organization that helps medical personnel from abroad, face Slovak bureaucracy and misunderstanding, we believe that Slovakia is a country that has accepted us and has become for us and our children a new home and desirable place for life and professional activities.

A state of emergency has been declared in Slovakia now in connection with COVID-19, which is the most competent solution in this situation. Compliance with strict quarantine measures will reduce the number of contacts, number of sick and confirmed cases. According to reliable statistics, the number of people with COVID-19 in each country grew exponentially, however, many western countries face exponential growth rates. There is a high probability that the number of people with this disease in Slovakia will increase sharply, and today no one can predict what scenario awaits us.

Therefore, we consider it our duty to provide an opportunity to foreign medical personnel and people who have the necessary practical skills to help the Slovak health system in this difficult period. Let’s all come together and help Slovakia, which is still coping with the situation, but no one knows what the situation is going to be in 2-3 weeks. As the experience of other countries shows, the availability of equipment and medical personnel is a decisive factor in the fight against a pandemic. Imagine what kind of help we can offer in Slovakia if, in case the situation becomes more complicated, we will offer 50 or even 100 doctors and medical personnel. Our proposal of this kind can have two positive results, firstly, from a medical point of view, we will do what every self-respecting doctor should do, namely, we will help in difficult times and, secondly, we will improve the attitude of Slovaks to foreigners in general, and to foreign medical personnel in particular.

The shortage of medical personnel that we expect is, first of all, in the position of first contact doctor, infectious disease specialist, pulmonologist, nurse, and laboratory assistant.

Maybe, and we hope, of course, that our help will not be needed, but let’s not waste the time and let’s organize.

If you are ready to help, please write to us on the email address malns.correspondence@gmail.com shortly your contact details: name, mobile phone, region of residence, profession, educational recognition status, work experience, preferred area of assistance (work in a hospital, laboratories, call center, etc.).

Thank you very much, Slovakia is waiting for us!