International Association of Doctors in Slovakia has the following tasks:

  • attract qualified medical staff to Slovak healthcare;
  • invite the responsible government officials responsible to a direct dialogue to take concrete measures to improve the situation in the Slovak healthcare;
  • to encourage the introduction of innovative methods of work in practice of Slovak first contact healthcare facilities;
  • introduce a modern system of education and adaptation of foreign specialists to the healthcare system in Slovakia.

One of the aims of the International Association of Doctors in Slovakia is to create an adequate system of integration of foreign doctors into the healthcare system in Slovakia and to use international platform to attract the world’s best specialists to Slovakia. The next aim of the association is also by means of voluntary activities of its members to support professionally, materially and financially activities aimed at improving working conditions and the overall development of healthcare professionals in order to create solutions of pre-collapse state of health care in Slovakia.
  The first stage is to establish and develop a model workplace that will meet these objectives the most visibly and measurably.
  The second phase is the implementation of the tested model into the whole healthcare system.