Dear healthcare professionals!

We would like to heartily congratulate all foreign doctors who yesterday successfully passed the second (oral) part of the qualification exam (doplňujúca skúška).

Among those who passed the exam are also the chairman of our Association, Manuchehr Burkhanov, and several members of our association, as well as those medical workers who attended the training courses of 2, 3 and 4 fazes of the preparation program for foreign doctors developed by representatives of our Association and the iCan language school.

Great gratitude for help and support was expressed by doctors who participated in self-preparation for the exam for almost a year, organized on the basis of our Association and the iCan language school, first in present form, and then, after the onset of the pandemic, online.

A little about numbers. A total of 56 general practitioners and 37 dentists were registered for the exam. 29 doctors and 15 dentists successfully passed the test part and were admitted to the oral part of the exam.

All general practitioners admitted to the oral examination passed it successfully. At the same time, they noted the loyal and benevolent attitude of the members of the examination committee to those who passed the exam. In the actions of the commission, there was a clear desire to create all the conditions for the doctor to successfully pass this exam, namely, to correctly formulate their thoughts and concentrate in this doubly stressful situation for them.

According to the results of today’s oral part of the exam, out of 15 dentists admitted to this stage, 6 people have successfully passed.

The oral part of the qualification exam for dentists consists of two stages: practical and theoretical. We congratulate all general practitioners, as well as dentists, who successfully passed the qualification exam on 15th and 16th of October and wish them successful work in Slovakia!

We can change it TOGETHER!

Dear healthcare professionals,

We decided to ask you for help, because only TOGETHER we can change the situation related to the specifics of the qualification exam for doctors. If we just silently observe what is happening from year to year, without giving publicity to the problems and difficult moments in the preparation and passing of this exam, then it will be impossible to change it for the better. We want to inform educational institutions and the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic that we just want to carry out our profession honestly and efficiently, but in order to do that we ask them to give us a chance to go through this difficult stage of our professional path in Slovakia with dignity.

We ask you to take part in the discussion with the journalists of the program Reflex of Markíza television in order to share your opinion on the holding of the qualification exam in Slovakia. This meeting, if you wish, can take place both before the written part of the exam, or after it. Participation in it can be anonymous.

If you decide to take part in the meeting with journalists, write to us by e-mail: or call us: +421 908 291 997. We are ready to support you in this difficult period and, believe us, that we are always ready to protect you. We have already over 100 members and we are supported by many organizations in Slovakia. Each of us alone can do so little, but we can do a lot together!

Recognition of a diploma and qualifications for nurses

In Slovakia, there is the possibility of recognition of the following types of nursing diplomas: a sister with a higher education: , a sister with a secondary specialised education: and a practical nurse with a secondary education: Most nurses with secondary education, most often from Ukraine, recognized their diploma and their qualifications as a practical nurse. Below is information for them for a specialised exam, which takes place 3 times a year (March, June, November). This year, the last term fell on November 5, 2020.

Exam Taking Process:

  1. Submission of the application and the location of the exam are as follows: Stredná zdravotnícka škola, Daxnerova č. 6, 917 90 Trnava.
  2. Application by mail or email: PhDr. Katarína Priputenová, +421 33 5914163,

It is necessary to attach to the application

  • a notarised copy of the diploma with translation into Slovak language
  • a notarised copy of the diploma recognition
  • confirmation of payment of the fee – 250 euros
  • in case of re-passing the exam within 12 months also a copy of the protocol of the attempt

The exam consists of:

  • a written part, which consists of medical and legal questions
  • an oral part: medical questions
  • a practical part
  • Read more here:

Literature for the exam:
Krišková, A. a kol.: Ošetrovateľské techniky
Kontrová, Ľ., Kristová, J. a kol.: Základy ošetrovania a asistencie
Sládečková, R. a kol.: Základy ošetrovania a asistencie II
Kopecká, K. a Kopecký, P.: Zdravie a klinika chorôb
Pištejová, M., Kraus, D.: Prvá pomoc v praxi
Anatómia a fyziológia

To pass the exam successfully, knowledge of the Slovak language and medical and legal terminology is required. This can be helped by training in specialized courses at the language school iCan (

Phase 1: General teaching of the Slovak language from zero to level B1 (intensive Slovak language course)
Phase 2: language training in medical topics and terminology
Phase 3: language preparatory course for the qualification exam
Phase 4: course “legal minimum for medical professionals”

To apply to the course, please fill out the form:
or write to:

Online intensive Slovak language course (phase 1 for foreign health professionals)

Dear medical workers,

Our association, in cooperation with the iCan language school, has developed an educational program for foreign health professional who are preparing for a medical exam and want to work in Slovakia.

The program consists of 4 stages or phases

Phase 1:                               General language study of the Slovak language from beginner (A1) to intermediate (B1) level – intensive Slovak language course,

Phase 2:                               Language study with an emphasis on the study of medical terminology and vocabulary for those health professionals who already speak Slovak.

Phase 3:                               Language preparatory course for health professionals speaking Slovak at the B1-B2 level, focused on preparation for the medical exam in 4 main general clinical disciplines: pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, surgery.

Phase 4:                               Course “Legal minimum for foreign health professionals”

Successful completion of all 4 phases of the educational program will allow you to acquire the necessary knowledge of the Slovak language, including the acquisition of medical terminology, the basics of medical law. This will bring you a significant advantage in communicating with potential employers and patients, as well as increasing your chances of successfully passing a medical exam for foreign health professionals.

From October 5, you have the opportunity to start studying at an intensive Slovak language course (Phase 1). The course will take place online daily in the evenings. Each lesson lasts 2 academic hours (90 minutes).

The duration of the course is 5 months (October 2020 – February 2021).

The price of a five-month intensive Slovak language course is € 959

A good level of knowledge of the Slovak language is the key to passing the medical exam! Start preparing with us wright now!

To sign up for the course, fill out the form: or write to

Doplňujúca skúška, tests 12.10.2020

Dear doctors,

Today, doctors and dentists registered for the qualification exam (doplňujúca skúška) received letters by mail explaining the procedure for conducting the test part of the exam on 10/12/2020.

  1. Within the next few days, all doctors will receive by e-mail information to log into accounts on the platform where testing will be carried out. The first step is to change the sent password to a new one. The new password must contain at least 8 characters, at least 1 letter, 1 number, 1 lowercase letter, 1 uppercase and at least 1 special character (*, -, #)
  2. Before the exam, a test sample will be available in the system, which can be passed any number of times.
  3. It is necessary to answer the testing questions sequentially, it will be impossible to skip the question and return to it later, each question has only one correct answer.
  4. On October 12, 2020, the exam test of medical knowledge (80 questions) will be available from 16.00 to 17.30, the time limit for the test is 80 minutes. Those who start the test at 16.00 will have time to complete it until 17.20, those who start the test at 16.10 and later will have time to complete it until 17.30. The medical law test (20 questions) will be available from 17.30 to 18.00, the time limit for the test is 20 minutes.

The full text with explanations is attached.

Medical exam information update

Our Association has submitted a request for the dates and conditions for the qualification examination for foreign health workers in connection with the worsening epidemiolonic situation. We got the answer:

– the written part of the exam (test) will be held online on October 12, 2020

– those who successfully pass the written part and will be admitted to the oral exam, which will be held on October 15-16, will be required to provide a negative COVID-19 test no older than 72 hours before the oral part of the exam date,

– The Essenial Medical Faculty in Martin will provide an opportunity to take the COVID-19 test free of charge on the eve of the oral part of the exam in its laboratory.Please find attached the full text of the answer.

LAST CALL: There is very little time left before the start of the online course “Legal minimum for foreign medical workers”!

Dear healthcare professionals!

Already next Monday, September 14, classes of the new online course “Legal minimum for foreign medical workers” will begin. Lectures will be held 3 times a week – on Monday and Wednesday from 18:00 to 19:30, on Saturday from 10:00 to 11:30. The cost of the course is 249 euros.

The course is designed for those who have an intermediate level of Slovak language (B1 and above) and can help them gain knowledge of medical law, which is part of the exam for all healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses and dentists). You can study from anywhere in the world using the Zoom.

This course was developed by the efforts of the employees of the Law Office of Antovska s.r.o. together with the teachers of the iCan language school and doctors from MALnS.

During the lesson, you will be able to learn and  remember all the important points regarding the laws that should be paid attention to when preparing for the exam, practice solving test tasks. You will be assisted in this by two very qualified teachers who are practicing lawyers with experience and knowledge in the field of medical law.

You can apply for participation in the course by writing to Take your chance for quality exam preparation with this specialized course!

Project for financing the language courses for foreign medical workers in Zilina

A pilot project on employment and financing of language courses has been launched for foreign medical workers in the Slovak city of Zilina. Foreign medical workers who find a job in the hospitals of the Zilinsky Self-Governing Territory can conclude an agreement with a potential employer on future employment. In case of successful completion of the language course for such an employee, he will be hired by the hospital and he will be paid for training on the course up to the amount of 1150 €. The employee, in turn, will vouch, according to this agreement, that he will work in the hospital for at least 2 years. If you want to learn more about this project, please write to us at

Work meeting at the Ministry of Health

On August 25, 2020, representatives of our Association were invited to a work meeting at the Ministry of Health of Slovakia. The meeting was dedicated to the general process of integration of foreign medical workers into the healthcare system of Slovakia, from passing the qualification exam to employment. For the meeting, representatives of the Association prepared a presentation, which you can see here. As a result of the meeting, an agreement was reached that by the end of the year a concept of amendments to a number of laws of the Slovak Republic using our proposals will be prepared.

New course “Legal minimum for foreign medical workers”

How is it useful and interesting for medical professionals passing the exam?

Those who are regularly interested in our activities and read the news on our page have already seen the announcement that from September 7 to October 15, 2020 it is planned to hold a course “Legal minimum for foreign medical workers.” General practitioners, dentists, pharmacists and nurses can participate.

Today we will try to consider in more detail those questions that a medical worker may have when familiarizing himself with the information on this training course.

1. What kind of a course is it?

The content of the course reflects its title: that is, in the course of training, the basic laws of the Slovak Republic will be considered which can become part of the test task. The Ministry of Education of Slovakia has approved the list of laws for studying by medical workers who are going to confirm their qualifications during the exam (doplňujúca skúška) and it is published in official sources.

Doctors who had already tried to pass this test faced the fact that the list was not complete because it lacked several basic laws. At the same time, some of the items tested contained questions from laws that were not listed.

Therefore, we made a request to the Ministry of Education of Slovakia and received an official list, based on which the course program was expanded and now includes all the laws, knowledge of which is the key to successful passing the exam. After our request, employees of the Ministry of Education updated the list on their website. Now it includes 14 laws instead of 8 proposed for studying earlier.

2. How can this course be useful for a healthcare professional preparing for an exam?

Currently, there are no analogues of such a course in Slovakia. During the preparatory courses held at the University of Comenius last autumn, only a few lectures were devoted to legal knowledge for doctors, which covered only a small part of the required legal minimum.

Studying laws that sometimes contain from 130 to 300 pages takes time and effort. The text of legal documents has its own complex specifics and speech patterns, which are not always clear to doctors and this also affects the quality of their preparation.

This course was prepared thanks to the efforts of the staff of the Law Office Antovszká, s.r.o. together with the staff of the language school iCan and doctors from MALnS (International Association of doctors in Slovakia). So we tried to present the required legal minimum in a concise, accessible and understandable form for medical professionals.

A very important moment in this process was the work of practicing lawyers who thoroughly studied all the laws specified in the course program and presented them in such a way that the doctor could remember and use in practice all the important points that should be paid attention to when preparing for the exam.

In addition to presentations and explanatory material, healthcare workers will also be offered testing on the topics of the course. This will allow them to practice their skills in working with tests before the exam and consolidate their knowledge of the laws.

Each of the course participants will have the opportunity to receive clarifying information on the questions that arose during the preparation for the exam, which can also contribute to better preparation for the exam.

3. How can this course be useful in the practice of a medical worker?           Knowledge of the laws that will be studied in the course is necessary for a medical professional in the process of employment and performance of his job duties, communication with patients and colleagues.

4. How will the process of studying be organized?                                                                   The course includes 12 lessons of 2 academic hours for a total of 24 academic hours.

Classes will be conducted online at a convenient evening time for participants. In case of interest and a favourable epidemiological situation, classes can be held in the language school iCan premises in Bratislava.

5. What is needed to get to the course?                                                                          First of all, knowledge of the Slovak language at the B1-B2 level, since classes are held only in Slovak.

Apply to participate in the course until September 6, 2020 inclusive (to register, write to

Pay the course fee, which is 249 euros. Of course, each doctor chooses his own way of training and preparation for the exam. Use your chance of high quality preparation for the exam in this course.