LAST call, starting January 18: Slovak language course for health workers-preparation for the qualification exam.

Dear medical professionals,

On Monday, January 18, the “Slovak Language Course for foreign medical workers” Phase 3 starts at the iCan Language School.

The course includes the most important topics in 4 main sections of medicine (Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics) that you need to know to successfully pass the test and oral part of the qualification exam for general practitioners.

Dentists can study two sections in this course: (“Internal Diseases” and “Surgery”), which are an integral part of the exam for this medical specialty. The course is also suitable for nurses who are also preparing for the qualification exam.

The course was developed with the participation of doctors from the International Association of Doctors in Slovakia (MALnS).

Classes will be held from January 18 to March 13, namely, on Monday and Wednesday from 18.00 to 19.30. Every two weeks on Saturday, the final lesson on the completed section will be held.

Course price: 299€. There is a 10% discount for MALnS members. To enroll in the course, fill out the application form: or write to

Prehlaď hlavných udalosti v slovenskom zdravotníctve

Ponúkame Vám prehlaď hlavných udalosti v slovenskom zdravotníctve, kde v marci bola umiestnená aj naša iniciatíva Spojme sa a pomôžme Slovensku! ( Ďakujeme každému, ktorý sa ozval a vieme, že nakoniec pomáhate v teréne! Držte sa naši hrdinovia!

Lekári. Svojich dosť nemáme, ale cudzích nechceme?

Spoločnosť – Žurnál –

Zatiaľ čo Česko, Poľsko alebo Nemecko zdravotníkom z tretích krajín vychádzajú v ústrety, na Slovensku je všetko zložitejšie: administratívne prekážky, neochota úradníkov, chýbajúce kurzy a príprava či vysoké poplatky (kvalifikačná skúška u nás stojí až 665, kým v Českej republike iba 265 eur).

You can take part in a Free Mover program 2021

Dear directors of Faculties of Medicine! Dear Students!

The International Associations of Doctors in Slovakia (MALnS) with the cooperation of the employees of Faculty of Medicine of Pavel Jozef Safarik in Kosice city, is offering an option to take part in a program called Free Mover – one of the projects of mobility for students as part of European Union program Erasmus+. This program is for the students who are in their 4th year of studies at the medical faculties in Ukraine.

Who can take part in the program?

  • Goal-directed students who have excellent grades (groups A and B)
  • Active and hardworking people who are ready to learn Slovak language to level B1 until the start of winter semester
  • Students who have motivation to know their profession not only as studying program, but also want to take part in projects

In case you are interested in the project and you would like to get more information on the conditions of acceptance or about necessary documents, please contact us on e-mail address:

Deadline for filling up documents is the 31st of March 2021. The number of participants is limited.

Conference: “What about primary prevention of diseases during a pandemic?”

Yesterday, 11/26/2020, representatives of our Association took part in the conference, the title of which reflects the main question that many doctors are now asking: “What about primary prevention of diseases during a pandemic?”

During the conference, Slovak doctors, representatives of the Ministry of Health of Slovakia and researchers from academic institutions, tried to show the most important points of preventive measures during a pandemic.

The event was organized by the employees of the project “Prevention Forum” (
For several years now, this project has united all those who are interested in improving their health and preventing diseases in Slovakia. It also promotes cooperation, mutual exchange of experience in the field of healthy lifestyles and preventive examinations. A representative of this organization Anna Michalková moderated the meeting.

Leading speaker of the conference, representative of the Department of Social and Behavioral Medicine of the Pavel Josef Šafarik University in Kosice and the Slovak Association of Public Health (SAVEZ), PhD. MUDr. Zuzana Katreniaková. She spoke in detail and reasonably about the state of preventive measures in Slovakia (medical examinations, vaccinations and much more).
In the discussion, the following persons took part:

  • Employees of the Ministry of Health of Slovakia,
  • Representatives of the public health department
  • Representatives of public associations of patients in Slovakia

Some of the important points that aroused keen interest of the conference participants were those related to the number of patients who undergo preventive examinations and the quality of medical care. Since due to the pandemic, the number of patients waiting in line in front of the doctor’s office has decreased. Therefore, healthcare professionals are currently optimizing patient appointments and the need for their personal visit to the doctor’s surgery.

  • Doctors write prescriptions for medicines everywhere only in electronic form, so that patients do not come personally to a medical institution.
  • The number of medical telephone consultations of patients has increased.
  • At the conference, the issue of coordination of actions of doctors and scientific medical staff was raised as well, for the solution of which it would be advisable to consider the creation of a profile electronic portal that would allow the exchange of experience and information.
  • The need for more active informing of patients about the importance of preventive examinations was discussed by many medical professionals.
  • There was also a talk about the need to continue children vaccination in a pandemic and the importance of preventive examinations for people at risk of developing cancer, since oncologists also attended the discussion.
    Representatives of our Association appreciated the high level of organization of the conference, as well as the importance and relevance of the information presented.

Spring qualification exam will be held in Kosice

In a pandemic, the situation with the qualification exam is not always clear and stable for doctors who plan to take it in the near future. Therefore, our association has made an official request to the Slovak Ministry of Education about the dates and place of the next qualification exam for foreign general practitioners and dentists. We are the first to bring you the most relevant information based on the response from the above institution.

The exam (doplňujúca skúška) will be held in the spring of 2021 at the Faculty of Medicine of the Pavel Jozef Šafarik University in Kosice. Estimated dates for the exam will be published on the website of the Ministry of Education by the end of 2020.