Účasť na pracovnom stretnutí na Ministerstve školstva

Začiatkom augusta sme poslali list na ministerstvo školstva, vedy, výskumu a športu SR a na všetky lekárske fakulty a univerzity zodpovedne za doplňujúce skúšky pre zahraničných zdravotníkov. S textom sa môžete oboznámiť tu: https://www.malns.sk/200805-list-malns/.

Ako odpoveď na náš list predseda MALnS spolu so zástupcami správnej rady nasej asociácie boli pozvaní na pracovné stretnutie za účelom prediskutovania aktuálnych možností uplatnenia zahraničných lekárov z krajín mimo Európskej únie v systéme poskytovania zdravotnej starostlivosti na Slovensku. Pracovné stretnutie sa uskutoční dňa 25. augusta 2020. O podrobnostiach vás budeme informovať.

Specialized practice for doctors and its operation: Statement on the legal basis

Dear doctors,
In May, we published information on the introduction of a temporary internship for foreign doctors in Slovakia on our website: https://www.malns.sk/ru/temporary-internship-for-foreign-doctors/. It was stated quite vaguely in the law that a temporary internship is valid only in a crisis situation. Moreover, when the government announced in June the lifting of several restrictive measures and the end of intensive work by the crisis headquarters, the question arose as to whether foreign doctors in Slovakia who had undergone documents recognition but had not yet passed the qualification exam could still count on this temporary internship.
For the answer, we decided to contact the representatives of the Law Office Antovszká, s.r.o., who are currently helping us to develop and prepare a course “Legal Minimum for Foreign Healthcare Professionals”, which is scheduled for the period from September 7 to October 15, 2020.
The answer is attached. According to the fact that the state of emergency was cancelled on the territory of Slovakia on the night of June 13-14, but the crisis situation is still in effect, foreign doctors can still take advantage of the opportunity for temporary internship.

New courses for doctors from August and September 2020

Dear doctors,

International Association of Doctors in Slovakia in cooperation with the language school iCan, as well as the lawyer’s office Advokátska kancelária Antovszká, s.r.o., invite you to take part in preparatory language courses for doctors of various specialties.

The purpose of these training lessons is to help foreign healthcare specialists to learn the necessary medical terminology in order to be well-prepared for the qualification exam (doplňujúca skúška) and to work successfully in the future.

From August 18 to October 10, 2020, a specialized course of the Slovak language for foreign doctors will be held.

What is proposed for you at this course:

– classes of the Slovak language, with an emphasis on mastering the terminology of 4 main branches of medicine: paediatrics, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, surgery

– the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers, as well as clarifying information from the consultants of each of the above sections

– participation in the final lectures of consultants, during which you can not only improve your knowledge, but also check it with the help of computer testing, the conditions of which are as close as possible to the environment of the qualification exam

-additional information on the recommended literature, medical abbreviations often used by the medical staff in the field of medical practice in Slovakia and a lot more

– lecturers with many years of experience in the teaching of the Slovak language for medical staff

– the opportunity to study at home and in any country in the world, since classes will be held online

– classes in the evening, as well as a final lecture on one of the weekend days.

What you can get participating in this course

– assistance in preparing for the qualification exam for foreign doctors (doplňujúca skúška), since we have tried to include in this course terminology on the issues that doctors most often encounter during this exam.

– preparation for further work as a doctor in Slovakia (employers give preference while  employing foreign doctors to those who know medical abbreviations better and can use medical terminology in the Slovak language);

What you need to apply to the course:

– knowledge of the Slovak language – level B1-B2

– submission of an application for participation in the course until August 17, 2020 inclusive (to apply write to medics@icanschool.sk)

– payment for the course, the cost of which is 199 euros

– preparation of the necessary documents if you have a Slovak residence permit and decide to use the opportunity to receive a refund of the course fee from the IOM (link).

Dentists can join the course from September 15th to October 10th for the Internal Medicine and Surgery units. The cost of the course for dentists is 99 euros. To enroll in the course, write to: medics@icanschool.sk.

The second course “Legal Minimum for Foreign Medical Professionals” is scheduled from September 7 to October 15, 2020.

These classes are very important and useful not only for general practitioners and for family medicine doctors, but also for dentists, pharmacists and nurses.

The “Legal Minimum for Foreign Medical Professionals” is the first legal course for foreign healthcare workers in Slovakia, which enables them to master the optimal amount of specialised theoretical legal knowledge for passing the exam in a short period with the help of lawyers practicing in Slovakia.

During the lectures at this course, the staff of the Law Office Antovszká, s.r.o., as well as lecturers of the iCan language school in an accessible and understandable form will explain the main laws, the list of which has been approved by the Slovak Ministry of Education for study by medical workers who pass the qualifying exam.

Students will also be offered testing on the topics of the course, presentations, and the opportunity to receive clarifying information on questions that have arisen during the preparation for the exam.

The course price is 249 Euros.

The application for participation in the course can be submitted until September 6, 2020, write to medics@icanschool.sk

For foreigners with a residence permit / permanent residence, it is possible to receive a refund of the course fee from the IOM.

Participation in these courses will increase your chances of successfully passing the qualifying exam. Use this opportunity to improve your professional training!

Letter from the Minister of Health

On Friday 12th of June we received an official letter from the Minister of Health of Slovakia Marek Krajči, who appreciated the initiative of foreign health workers.

In a letter, he informed about the possibility of temporary specialized practice, which he considers a good opportunity to prepare for a specialized exam. He expects that with this change, the number of successful cases of recognition of medical qualifications will increase.

We are preparing an answer to this letter and will be glad to any advice, suggestions from the members of our organization, volunteers of the initiative “Unite to help Slovakia!” and sympathizers.

5 days are left before the start of the Slovak language course for doctors!

Dear doctors, until June 15 inclusive, you still have the opportunity to register at malns.correspondence@gmail.com for a Slovak language course for foreign doctors who are preparing for the qualification exam.

The International Association of Doctors in Slovakia, together with the iCan language school, have developed a preparatory Slovak language course for medical professionals.

The next phase of classes will be held from June 18 to August 8, 2020 and is divided into 4 blocks: pediatrics, internal diseases, obstetrics and gynecology, surgery. In addition to the teacher, each unit will have its own curator, who can be asked additional questions about medicine.

The cost of the entire course is 179 euros, for foreigners with a residence permit/permanent residence there is an opportunity to receive reimbursement of payment of the course from IOM (https://www.mic.iom.sk/en/social-issues/education/493-we-offer-an-opportunity-to-get-a-financial-contribution-for-a-course.html).

At the end of each block, a final lesson will be held on its topic. For those who will not be able to take part in the course, it is possible to enroll in 4 final classes on the course topics
The cost of one lesson is 25 euros, when paying for four classes at once – 90 euros.

Use your chance to improve your professional knowledge in the Slovak language with this specialized course!

Job offer for doctors in Slovakia

Private clinic in Malacki (a city in the west of Slovakia 35 km from Bratislava) offers a job for doctors in the departments of

  • internal medicine,
  • gynecology,
  • surgery
  • anesthesiology and intensive care.

Employment is possible after the recognition of the diploma, before passing the qualification exam, according to the recently adopted temporary internship for foreign doctors.

The clinic is interested in long-term employment. Salary is discussed with each candidate individually.

If you have already passed the procedure for recognizing your diploma of higher medical education in Slovakia and are interested in this job offer, then send us your resume in the Slovak language and a copy of the decision on recognition of the diploma to malns.correspondence@gmail.com. Knowledge of the Slovak language at the level of B1 and above will be your advantage!

Temporary internship for foreign doctors

On Wednesday, May 13, members of the National Council of the Slovak Republic voted to adopt a number of amendments to the laws of Slovakia. All amendments will come into force after being signed by the president and published in the Collection of Laws.

One of these amendments is a temporary internship (dočasná stáž) for foreign doctors who have undergone nostrification of a diploma but have not yet passed the qualification exam for doctors (doplňujúca skúška). The possibility of internship is introduced in the law only temporarily – while in Slovakia there is a crisis situation in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The possibility of including this internship in Law No. 576/2004 “On healthcare, services related to the provision of medical care”, as a permanent part of the process of recognition of education for foreign doctors, has been discussed and planned for a long time. About a year ago, the introduction of a temporary internship was already voted on by the National Council of the SR, however, it was not approved.

If you are already working in the Slovak health care system at a lower position, then you can use this opportunity to improve working conditions. If you have nostrified a diploma and are expecting a qualification exam, which was moved to October, then this internship may be useful as additional preparation for passing the exam in the form of language practice and familiarization with the healthcare system in Slovakia.

Unfortunately, this amendment cannot be used for nurses and dentists, as well as for those who have not yet gone through the nostrification procedure.

If you want to know more information regarding applying for an internship, then contact us: malns.correspondence@gmail.com.

New date for the medical exam for doctors

Recently, the dates of the medical exam for foreign doctors (doplňujúca skúška) have been updated on the website of the Jessenian School of Medicine in Martin (Comenius University). It says that the exam will be held October 15-16, 2020:


Earlier, we requested information from the Jessen Faculty of Medicine in Martin about whether it would be possible for those who did not apply for participation in the exam in the spring of 2020 to additionally submit applications for the exam and by what date. The other day we received a response that applications will be accepted additionally until September 14, 2020.

About how to apply for participation in the exam, we wrote earlier: https://www.malns.sk/prihlasku-na-doplnujucu-skusku-je-potrebne-poslat-do-18-februara-2020/. We hope that the faculty has the necessary resources to accept the increased number of foreign doctors in order to pass the exam in connection with the postponement of its date. At present, 39 general practitioners and 21 dentists have already been registered for the exam.

Continuation of the Slovak course for doctors with the support of IOM

In collaboration with the iCan language school, we opened two groups of the Slovak language for doctors. The first group has already begun to study on April 27 and the second group will begin on May 11. The course was organized free of charge for the doctors of our initiative “Unite to help Slovakia!” thanks to the financing of the slovak charity foundation.

From the 1st of June 2020, the course will continue on a fee basis. Anyone who is studying now or wants to start a Slovak course for doctors will be able to apply for the program from the International Organization for Migration (IOM). IOM Migration Information Centre offers the opportunity to receive a financial contribution for an educational/retraining course for foreigners. More information.

We are ready to advise you when preparing an application and documents for IOM. Write to us!
Or you can contact IOM directly, they are informed about the iCan school and MALnS project “Slovak language course for doctors”: mic@iom.int.